Wisconsin Firearms Training School in Milwaukee

Concealed Carry Associates is your source for complete firearm education and training in Wisconsin from basic gun safety training to concealed carry courses. Our Milwaukee firearm training provides the knowledge, safety, education, and skills to become certified and well prepared.  From training students how to properly operate a firearm to assisting students in honing their defensive shooting skills, Concealed Carry Associates targets to provide complete firearm training and awareness throughout  Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Firearm Training Courses

From learning basic self defense skills to fine-tuning your shooting techniques, Concealed Carry Associates offers the gun training courses you need. Concealed Carry Associates offers both individual and small group gun safety and training courses. Our Milwaukee firearm training school offers concealed carry classes, range training, and gun safety and awareness classroom courses. We also offer women only gun training and education classes. Concealed Carry Associates provides expert training to private citizens, police officials, and security professionals throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Our Wisconsin firearm training school offers training for all levels from beginners to average gun owner to serious shooters and professionals.

Certified Firearm Instructors

We have 14 certified instructor who specialize in each aspect of firearm instruction to deliver expert level firearm training to every course. Our certified staff includes  NRA certified firearms instructors specializing in basic safety and shooting, Massad Ayoob Group Certified Instructors who specialize in the use of deadly force and Stress Fire Shooting techniques, and a Grand Master in Tae Kwon DO specializing in unarmed defense. From concealed carry training to basic gun safety, our Milwaukee firearms safety academy has the certified, experience staff to not only get you certified, but to make you exceed whether it be in shooting skills or self defense. 

More than firearm training, Concealed Carry Associates is committed to teaching the responsibility involved with firearm use. With concealed carry laws recently passed in the state of Wisconsin, many citizens are considering a first time firearm purchase to protect themselves, their family and their loved ones.  A gun will only protect you and your family, if you know how to properly use it. Without proper firearm training, a gun can potentially be of more harm than help. Concealed Carry Associates provides the Milwaukee firearm training courses to protect and defend.

From first time shooters to intermediate gunmen, Concealed Carry Associates provides the firearm training courses to meet each individuals training need.  Contact our Wisconsin firearm training office in Wauwatosa to schedule your gun training class or to request more information about course availability.

Phone: 414.459.9222 Address: 6412 W. North Ave. Wauwatosa, WI 53213